Monday, August 31, 2015

RESULTS: Summer 2015 Box Office Predictions

Back in April I predicted which summer flicks would reign supreme at the box office, but as per usual, the numbers proved to be just as unpredictable as ever (I swear I'll do better next year!). Here are some of my observations, in convenient bullet-point form:

- I don't think anyone would have guessed that Jurassic World would be as ridiculously successful as it was, beating everything, including the Avengers, by a landslide. Audiences moved in herds to see this thing.

- I'm so damn happy that Mad Max: Fury Road did so well for itself - the best movie of the summer! Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and I think lots of repeat viewings made this R-Rated 80's reboot a surprising hit.

- I'm shocked at how poorly Ted 2 performed at the box office. People loved the first one, Wahlberg was back, and I actually thought it was pretty funny. I can't think of a reason why it tanked, but maybe it'll find an audience on home video, when there's less theatrical competition.

- Fantastic Four...just...what the hell happened there?

- Adam Sandler is officially no longer a guarantee at the box office. But you know who is? Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

- I am beyond satisfied at Inside Out beating those damn Minions at the box office.

- Good on Straight Outta Compton for sneaking in there. I had no idea that there was such a wide audience for a gangster rap biopic in mid-August, but I stand corrected.

Points System:
- 13 points for getting 1 or 10 exactly correct
- 10 points for getting 2-9 exactly correct
- 7 points if movie was one spot away
- 5 points if movie was two spots away
- 3 points if movie was anywhere the top ten
- 1 point for each dark horse (pick three)

Actual (Domestic):

1. Jurassic World - $643 million
2. Avengers: Age of Ultron - $457.5 million
3. Inside Out - $344.5 million      
4. Minions - $324.8 million     
5. Pitch Perfect 2 - $183.7 million
6. Mission Impossible 5 - $170.3 million
7. Ant-Man - $169.1 million
8. San Andreas - $153.9 million
9. Mad Max: Fury Road - $152.9 million
10. Straight Outta Compton - $134.1 million  
My Predictions:

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron +7
2. Minions +5
3. Inside Out +10
4. Jurassic World +3
5. Ant-Man +5
6. Mission: Impossible 5 +10
7. Fantastic Four +0
8. Ted 2 +0
9. Pixels +0
10. Terminator: Genisys +0
*Data from Box Office Mojo
                                                                          Dark Horses:
                                                                          Pitch Perfect 2 +1
                                                                          Spy +0
                                                                          Tomorrowland +0


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