Thursday, January 16, 2014

10 Biggest Oscar Snubs of 2014

Earlier this morning the Oscar nominees were announced; not a ton of surprises or upsets this year, but here are some of the people and productions left behind this Oscar season.

10.  Tom Hanks snubbed for Captain Phillips

Not sure if I would consider this a snub because of the whole "only five nominations" thing, but Hanks was brilliant as always in this film, and the now-infamous end scene, the most powerful in the film, was improvised at the last minute.

9. Editing Snub for The Wolf of Wall Street (Thelma Schoonmaker)

If you've read anything about how this film was made, you'd appreciate how painstaking of a job Schoonmaker must have had taking Scorsese's voluminous footage and shaping it into not only a coherent film, but as energetic as anything Scorsese's made.  Not sure what makes certain films like Dallas Buyers Club get the nomination, but I think Wolf at least deserved the nom.

8. Short Term 12 snubbed entirely

Not surprised so much as disappointed for this one.  Brie Larson gave a fantastic performance in this little movie and deserved a nomination, along with best screenplay and possibly best picture.

7. Man of Steel snubbed for Best Visual Effects

When the Academy announced the ten flicks in the running for Best Visual Effects, Man of Steel wasn't even mentioned and it's a damn shame.  How Snyder and co. brought new life to Krypton and convincingly brought Superman into the "real world" was no small feat.  Not sure why it was not even considered, especially over The Lone Ranger.

6. Inside Llewyn Davis snubbed for Best Song

The songs in Llewyn Davis were often very meaningful and/or nice to listen to, from Coen Brother-collaborator T-Bone Burnett, and is one of the few "must buy" soundtracks this year.  Either there's some sort of clause in the rulebook making the songs ineligible or it's just not the Coen's year.

5. Octavia Spencer Supporting Actress snub for Fruitvale Station

While I love that Sally Hawkins got a nomination, I think the Supporting Actress category is sorely missing this heart-wrenching performance from Spencer earlier this year.

4. Monsters University snub for Best Animated Feature

Really surprised Pixar didn't make the list, but then again, the fact that it's a prequel probably didn't set well with the Academy.  Definitely disappointed this lost over those friggen minions.

3. Spike Jonze Best Director snub for Her

It's too bad Her wasn't given a better treatment at the Oscars (it's truly a better film than American Hustle, possibly the most overrated film this year).  Jonze created a wholly original sci-fi world and gave the film so much life in its subtle details - plus imagine the balls it must have took to even make a film like this.

2.  Blackfish snubbed for Best Documentary Feature

I haven't seen all the nominees yet, but I was sad to see the exclusion of this horrifying and enlightening expose on Seaworld.

1.  Joaquin Phoenix Snubbed for Her?!

Unfortunately it was a crowded year for the Best Lead Actor category this year, but Phoenix literally created a believable relationship out of NOTHING in this movie.  He has no physical person to act off of, and Scarlett Johanssen recorded her dialogue after the fact.  Another brilliant performance from Phoenix, who deserves a motherfucking Oscar already.

There you have it -- if you think of any other snubs be sure to list them in the comments section.  I'll work on my Oscar predictions soon, and I'm sure I'll be "off" as I usually am.  Thanks for reading!

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